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Some random info about R33s (based off my own car).


Key Blank Master: KEY00-00118 (Nissan Genuine)

Brake Pedal Stopper: 46584-S0100 (96 and onwards) 46584-5P010 (95 and prior), though, it is noted that 95 and prior one fits in the 96, and may be found cheaper, so ask for prices on both.


Oil Seal (Front Crank and Camshaft Seal): 13510-10Y10 (Nissan Genuine)

Timing Belt: NS-141YS25B (Greddy), 13028-20P10 (Nissan Genuine)

Tensioner Pulley: 60TB0732A (NSK)

Idler Pulley: 56TB2801B01 (NSK)

Fuel System

Fuel tank has a lock ring which can be a pain to get off without a Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench. Nissan has a version of it (KV991 04700), but I think that the Lisle 63000 will also do the job, will update this section when I get one to test with. If you're ordering a pump or doing any work that requires removing this, it's well worth the $30-40 for how much of a pain it is to try and remove and fit again with a punch/wood block and a hammer.


Stock: UNISIA JECS A42-T24

Replacement that fits fairly well is the Walbro GSS342. I found I could keep the bracket intact (bit of a squeeze, but not overly so), used the pickup filter from the old pump, the hose joiner too, soldered the plug from the new pump onto the old wiring and dropped it back in, seems fine to me.


Measuring 10mm in from edge of rotor

Runout Maximum: 0.07mm

Front Thickness - Standard: 30mm, Wear-out limit: 28mm

Belt Sizes


As arrived from Japan, Pitwork belts, prefix AY-140:

Alternator/Fan: 40850

Power Steering: 30845

Air Conditioning: 40910

Repco Replacements

These were the replacement belts Repco has on file for the R33 S2

Alternator/Fan: 4PK850 (Gates Micro-V AT)

Power Steering: 3PK850RB (Repco)

Air Conditioning: 4PK915 (Gates Micro-V AT)

Some random pictures