Windows Networking/Outlook 2003/Account Setup/IMAP with SSL

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Open up the main Outlook program and go to the tools menu, then select the Email accounts item (you may need to expand the menu with the double down arrow at the bottom of the menu to display it).


Select the "Add a new account" option on the first screen.


Select the "IMAP" server type on the server type screen.


Fill in the account details with your name, the email address of the account, the mail server address, and the login details (note, some mail servers use just the username part, some require the whole email address, check your hosting provider or ISPs documentation, or contact their support for details).


Before leaving the above screen, click the "More Settings" button.

If your hosting provider or ISP requires SMTP authentication, you need to check the box in the "Outgoing Server" tab of this screen.


We also enable SSL on both incoming and outgoing connections. You can find this setting in the "Advanced" tab on this screen.


Click OK out of the "Internet Email Settings" screen, than "Next" on the "Email accounts" screen, and finally "Finish".

If all is well, your email account should be set up now.